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Don R. Williams

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A problem solver by nature, Don R. Williams knew from a young age he wanted a career that allowed him to be both independent and analytical. He found his perfect fit as an attorney, and now, he’s ready to use his skills to fight for your desired outcome.

Building Relationships to Last

Your case is not a one-time transaction.


Don explains the why behind every what. You deserve to know the rationale behind every decision made throughout your case.


Don is committed to acting not just as your attorney, but as your partner. Start navigating the legal system with him on your side.


The law can be intimidating, which is why Don uses his sense of sincerity to make it accessible to every one of his clients.

Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

18-Wheeler Accidents

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The Law Office of Don. R Williams, LLC provides informational materials dedicated to helping clients better understand their rights and the legal process as a whole.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t Face the Aftermath of an Accident Alone. Don is Here to Help.

An accident on the road can change your life in the blink of an eye. From a mountain of medical bills to a complex insurance process, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed. However, hope is not lost. A dedicated auto accident attorney can help you seek a brighter future.

Meeting You Where You Are

Whether your accident involved a car, a commercial vehicle, or an 18-wheeler, The Law Office of Don. R Williams, LLC is ready to help seek relief. Attorney Williams is extremely adaptable, so no matter what phase of the legal process you’re in, he’ll meet you there and start guiding you forward. Contact his office in Baton Rouge today to get started.

Listening to Your Story

When you first meet with Attorney Williams, he’ll sit down with you as you explain your situation. Once he has a firm understanding of your goals, he’ll call upon his past experiences to advise you on a plan of action. Trust Don to create a strategy that puts your needs above all else.

Striving to Help You Move Forward

Reach out to The Law Office of Don. R Williams, LLC when you need to pursue financial compensation after a car accident. From his office in Baton Rouge, Don proudly serves clients throughout Louisiana, including Plaquemine, Port Allen, Gonzales, La Place, and New Orleans.