Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are a difficult reality for many to begin with, but when they involve commercial vehicles, things take on an entirely different dimension. Organizations such as businesses are part of determining liability, and more complicated insurance policies are involved, making for a much more complex case. More severe injuries also typically result from larger and heavier vehicles being involved, such as buses, vans, trucks, and construction vehicles. 

Our team of trucking accident lawyers based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has the depth of knowledge and experience to handle your commercial vehicle accident case. We have for countless others, demonstrating our command of the nuanced approach required to successfully navigate the legal system and deliver the justice you deserve. We serve in the following types of cases:

Trucking Accidents

Our commercial vehicle crash attorneys focus in cases involving accidents with large commercial trucks. We know what to pursue to develop a solid case for you and present it in a convincing manner, either to an insurance company or before a court of law. We get documentation that shows clear liability of the trucking company when driver fatigue, improper loading, or a failure to comply with federal and state regulations is the cause of the accident. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your case, you can trust us to go to bat for you and deliver the results you need to be made whole.

Delivery Van Accidents

E-commerce has exploded over the recent past, and with it, accidents that involve delivery vans. Our commercial vehicle accident lawyers handle cases that involve delivery companies and can successfully navigate the minefield of liability that will accompany your case. We have a wealth of experience obtaining awards that abundantly cover damages our clients have suffered in these incidents.

Bus Accidents

Whether a city bus, school bus, or private charter bus, our commercial transport attorneys know exactly what to do to steer you in the direction of obtaining a successful outcome for your bus accident case. These may be less frequent than trucking accidents, but we don’t let that compromise our level of service. We hold the responsible party accountable and ensure you are made whole.

Construction Vehicle Accidents

These accidents often result in incredibly severe injuries and property damage. On top of this, like with trucking accidents, since companies are typically involved with them, they can quickly become excessively involved. Somewhat unique to these accidents is the reality that seemingly unrelated third parties can even be found liable. We do the digging to get to the bottom of your case and hold whoever is responsible accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

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