Interview | Getting Your Vehicle Repaired After A Car Accident

I sat down with Bobby Lewis of Triple A Auto Body and Paint to discuss vehicle repair process following a car accident.

Interview | Rathmann Chriporactic Clinic

Chiropractic treatment is one of form treatment people undergo following the physical trauma of a car accident. I sit down with Dr. Rathmann and he explains the treatment process and how it helps with post accident recovery.

After the car accident: Chiropractors

Thomas Rathmann, D.C. of Rathmann Chiropractic Clinic explains how chiropractors assist with the healing process after a car accident.

Louisiana Medical Clinic's Peter Zimmerman, M.D./Pain Interventionist

Dr. Peter Zimmerman explains the Pain Interventionists play after you have been involved in automobile or 18-wheeler accident.

The hazard of using Facebook during your case.

What you post on social media could effect the outcome of your case.

Discussion | You're Involved in a Car Accident with Someone Who Doesn't Have Insurance

Wonder what happens if you're involved in a car accident with someone who doesn't have insurance? In this video I discuss what you can do to protect yourself.

Car Wreck Clueless Series | Don't Give All of Your Settlement Money Away!

In the first installment of my "Car Wreck Clueless Series" I discuss how you can ensure you get the most return on your settlement following a car accident after paying attorney fees, medical bills, etc.

Interview: Dr. Aaron M. Wolfson, Ph.D., LRC, CRC, CLCP

Interview with Dr. Aaron Wolfson of Stokes & Associates is a licensed psychologist, licensed rehabilitation counselor, and certified life care planner. His areas of expertise include chronic pain management, physical rehabilitation, residual earning capacity analysis, as well as assessment of future medical needs and life care planning.

Interview: Imaging Center of Louisiana's Curtis Partington, M D , Ph D Radiologist

Dr. Partington explains the purpose of an MRI.