Don R. Williams

Who Do I Advocate For?

I focus on advocating for individuals who have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one due to collisions with commercial vehicles operated by companies like FedEx, UPS, Amazon, or 18-wheelers. I also partner with attorneys who have taken on these types of cases but lack the resources needed to get the utmost out of these difficult claims.

Who I Am

My philosophy on the practice of law is simple: I strive for excellence by narrowing my focus down to areas where I have a high degree of confidence and experience. I never initially planned on becoming an attorney, but my innate ability to study patterns and master systems led me to law school and eventually to find success in this career.

I believe my passion for understanding the economics of a situation, ability to take well-thought-out risks, and dedication to excellent communication sets me apart – and I’m ready to use that to your advantage.

What Problems Can I Help You Solve?

The main problem I help my clients solve centers around navigating the intricacies of pursuing a claim against insurance companies. Unfortunately, most people have no understanding of the financial value of a life, what insurance policy coverage provides, or the legal processes needed to secure a reasonable settlement. This puts those who need compensation at a direct disadvantage in the claims process.

My role as an attorney is to leverage my knowledge of these matters to secure the full value of each claim. Additionally, I help my clients meet their living expenses along the way, and work to restore order to their disrupted lives until the matter is resolved.

In my partnerships with fellow lawyers, I provide the necessary experience and financial resources to pursue these cases to their fullest extent. To do this, I have established the systems, vendor relationships, and infrastructure that allows me to bring these cases to successful resolutions, whether through a settlement or trial.

How Can I Make a Difference for You?

I treat my clients as my teammates. That means that if you choose to work with me, I will be there to walk you through the process, ensuring that you are informed at each step of the way.

My goal is to provide specialized insight into cases related to road accidents involving motor vehicles. My exclusive focus in this field allows me to deliver high-quality services to my clients and colleagues thanks to the systems and processes I’ve developed through consistent and repetitive practice.

A Track Record that Speaks for Itself

Over my 17 years of practice, I have been able to establish a history of success in the field, with the last 8 years proving to be particularly rewarding. My focus on accident cases involving motor vehicles has enabled me to secure substantial compensation for my clients, and I am continually looking for ways to scale up and take on bigger, more challenging cases.

Reach out Today

If you've been seriously injured, lost a loved one due to a collision with a commercial vehicle, or are a lawyer needing assistance in handling such cases, don't hesitate to reach out at (225) 267-9729. Together, we can navigate the legal hurdles and work towards the best possible outcome. Your needs are my priority, and I am ready to advocate for you.