Maximizing Compensation: The Role of A Car Accident Lawyer and Witnesses in Baton Rouge, LA Car Accidents

Car accidents are never enjoyable. Depending on the severity, they are, at best, an inconvenience. At worst, they are life-changing, if not life-ending. In the aftermath of a car accident, you will need to deal with the physical injuries, emotional anguish, and financial strain that they bring.

In Baton Rouge, LA, like anywhere for that matter, the period of time following a car accident is critical and complex, especially if your accident was severe, such that you need to seek compensation through exercising legal recourse. This article aims to help you navigate the legal process you’ll face when seeking compensation for damages in your car accident case. As helpful as we hope it is, it is not a substitute for an experienced and knowledgeable car accident litigation attorney at your side.

Context And Essential Information

Car accident cases in Louisiana are subject to a fault-based system. This means that the party at fault is responsible for covering any and all damages the accident caused to all who suffered damage or injury from it. Specifically, the court will assign each party involved a percentage denoting the extent to which they were each at fault.

Knowing this will help you mentally and emotionally prepare for what you may be on the hook for if you are at fault or what you may be entitled to if you are not.

Louisiana law requires drivers to carry liability insurance with specific minimum coverage limits. This includes:

  • $15,000 for bodily injury or death.

    • $30,000 for total bodily injury or death liability.

  • $25,000 for property damage.

This covers medical bills, property damage, and other costs of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who are injured or have their vehicle damaged in an accident. Carrying more coverage is allowed and, more likely than not, worth considering, at least. Once a policy’s limit is met, any costs exceeding it will come out of your pocket.

The Role of Witnesses in Car Accident Litigation

Witnesses to your accident can, as they oftentimes do, provide an invaluable point of view on what exactly happened before and after the crash. Removed from the situation and a neutral third party, the input they give is not biased in either party’s favor. Their account of the situation can corroborate or challenge claims, whether your accurate recounting of what happened or the other party’s lie in an attempt to extract more money from you than is justified.

Car accident compensation lawyers know this – they know the vital nature of getting honest statements from witnesses that serve to bolster your case without sacrificing an ounce of truth and compromising your defense. The speed with which a skilled car accident lawyer means the witness’ account of what happened is still fresh in their mind. As a result, they will be able to go into great detail as to what happened, making for an even stronger line of argument against the insurance company or before the court.

Car accident compensation lawyers don’t stop there, though. Ones worth their price will have an extensive network of expert witnesses to call on. These experts are highly knowledgeable of various things pertinent to your case and are generally respected within their fields. Like eyewitnesses to the accident, expert witness testimony goes far to make your narrative all the more convincing. Some may even reconstruct the accident, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt your side of the story.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Maximize Your Compensation

Besides their role in harnessing the power of a good witness, a car accident lawyer can do even more for you. Bringing a rich background of knowledge and experience in cases similar to yours, they leverage their years of interacting with the law and legal system to position their clients for success.

Refined over the course of their career, a car accident litigation attorney will negotiate on your behalf. This requires not only a command of the law but also of insurance policies, strong communication skills, and knowing how to use the leverage you have to get what you want out of the negotiation.

A lawyer will also help you compile critical pieces of evidence and documentation, such as police reports and medical records. Beyond this, they also go to great lengths to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident.

If you or a loved one have suffered in a car accident, email or call The Law Office of Don R. Williams, LLC today. We will answer your specific questions and point you in the direction that will lead you to the outcome you deserve.