Navigating Personal Injury in Louisiana

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality that can have incredibly severe consequences for all involved. The aftermath of a car accident can encompass so many things, from medical bills, vehicle repairs, emotional distress, and lost wages, just to name a few. Thoroughly understanding the personal injury laws in Louisiana is vital to navigating this critical period of time in such a way that you can physically and financially recover completely and quickly.

Based in Baton Rouge, LA, car accident compensation lawyer Don Williams and the team at The Law Office of Don R. Williams, LLC hope to fill in the gaps for you where your knowledge may be lacking. We aim to provide you with a basic yet thorough understanding of vital things to consider and expect when faced with a personal injury case in Louisiana. We prepared this article to that end, discussing personal injury laws in Louisiana and how a car accident lawyer can help you with your claim.

Personal Injury Law in Louisiana – The Basics

Louisiana utilizes a fault system when ascribing liability in car accidents. The party found to be at fault is deemed responsible for any damages the accident caused to all parties involved in it.

More specifically, Louisiana has a comparative fault system in place. Translation: even if you are only partially at fault in an accident, you may be eligible for compensation. This generally ensures a more fair and equitable outcome to claims than the more rigid, black-and-white alternative. Compensation is proportional to the percentage you’ve been deemed to be at fault for.

In addition to this, you’ll be subject to the statute of limitations for your claim in Louisiana. This is a one-year cut-off date by which you would need to formally and officially bring your claim to begin any legal proceedings you wish to undergo as part of receiving compensation for your accident. Failure to do so will most likely mean you entirely forfeit the ability to do so.

As if this weren’t enough, there are also caps on the damages you can receive for non-economic things such as pain and suffering., emotional distress, and loss of companionship. There are exceptions to this, however. If confronted with the complicated nature of a personal injury claim,you may quickly find yourself searching “car accident lawyer near me” after your accident – and understandably so!

The Role of A Car Accident Compensation Lawyer

Other than immediately seeking medical care following a car accident, the most important thing you can do is reach out to a car accident attorney. They will advocate for you when negotiating with insurance companies, represent you if your case goes to trial, and may even connect you with a robust network of professionals who can help you recover fully and quickly.

A skilled car accident lawyer will have a rich understanding of the law as it intersects with your case. They’ll also know what information is vital to collect when investigating your claim. This is extremely important. If you were to go it alone, you might not even think to conduct an investigation much at all, let alone know precisely what information will deliver the deadliest blow to the insurance company’s footing.

These businesses do not have anyone’s interest at heart other than their own. Insurance adjusters are known to minimize payouts, if not try to drop them entirely. The one-two punch of their investigative aptitude and negotiation skills will go far to ensure you maximize the award you’ll receive.

Additionally, although not a medical professional, an experienced car accident attorney will have had years of exposure to common physical injuries people suffer from car accidents. This means they will know how to prove causality beyond a shadow of a doubt and precisely forecast the costs of treatment and recovery well into the future. These are a critical part of your total award, although often overlooked by people who have had little to no experience with personal injury claims.

It might be easy to see a car accident compensation lawyer as adding complexity and expenses to your life, but nothing could be further from the truth. They simplify things for you considerably so you can focus on your recovery, and what fees you’ll need to pay them will generally be taken from whatever you are ultimately awarded. There is no downside to hiring an attorney in the aftermath of a car accident.

If you have recently been involved in a car accident in the Baton Rouge, LA, area and face considerable damages, contact The Law Office of Don R. Williams, LLC. Our team will listen to your story, begin investigating, and strive to maximize your compensation.