The Bayou of Louisiana Car Accidents

In some ways, Baton Rouge, LA, is the heart of the Deep South. The bayous flow and jazz echoes through the humid air, showcasing the unique rhythm of the city. In the midst of its vibrant and unique culture, the roads bear witness to a far less pleasant-sounding tune, however. The sound of automobiles colliding in countless car accidents throughout the year rings as well, piercing more than just the ears of those involved.

The Law Office of Don R. Williams, LLC has prepared this article to help you know what to do if you have the unfortunate experience of being involved in one. In it, we discuss the role a car accident lawyer has in pursuing personal injury claims you have as a result of your accident, as well as no-fault insurance law and its impact on these types of cases.

The Role of A Car Accident Lawyer in Car Accident Cases

Car accidents, like the currents of the Mississippi River, are unpredictable. They can happen at any point in time to anyone. In this unpredictability, they can forever change the lives of those they affect. Similar to trying to swim on your own against the mighty currents of the Mississippi, navigating the aftermath of a car accident is both challenging and taxing. A car accident lawyer can be the buoy that keeps you above water, but how?

A car accident lawyer provides several key services when you’ve suffered a car accident.

Legal Guidance

First and foremost, an attorney can guide you in the direction of success, that is, getting you the maximum amount of compensation possible. They not only show you all of your rights but also break them down in ways you understand so you can see how they relate specifically to your case. They also advise on the possible outcomes your case may take, helping you prepare for whatever the outcome may end up being.


Any legal case requires considerable time and effort to dig up evidence, organize it in a way that makes sense, and supplement it with a line of reasoning that will accentuate it when the time comes for you to make your case before an insurance company or court of law. A skilled attorney will know what to submit demands for evidence, as well as letters of preservation to all relevant defendants to safeguard all evidence vital to the case before it can be tampered with or destroyed.


When people think of attorneys, the first thing that likely comes to mind is how they represent people before a court of law. True as this is, it isn’t the only type of representation they do. They also represent their clients when dealing with insurance companies, especially in personal injury cases caused by car accidents. This means they handle communications on your behalf, ensuring you don’t trip on your words later when the insurance company twists them to dismantle your argument, for example.

Coordinating Medical Care

Many fail to realize it, but a car accident attorney can also coordinate your medical care. With so many doctors and insurance policy hurdles, this can be a huge help if you have never really needed to interact with the healthcare system before suffering from your car accident.

The Impact of No-Fault Insurance Law on Car Accident Cases

No-fault insurance grants those involved in a car accident compensation even if they were not at fault, and can have significant implications on a car accident case in Louisiana.

Lawsuit Restrictions

With no-fault insurance law comes restrictions on what sorts of cases you can bring a lawsuit against the other party, typically restricting cases below a specific threshold of monetary value or severity of injury. Some common injury thresholds include disfiguration and permanent disability. However, your ability to file a lawsuit is not entirely restricted, so it is best to consult with a car accident attorney to see if you can escalate your case before assuming you can’t.

Swift Compensation

No-fault insurance enables you to receive compensation extremely quickly, which you can use toward medical bills or repairs to your vehicle. The trade-off here is that insurance premiums may be impacted. Even with prompt compensation, disputes can and still do arise, so you may not be in a better position, depending on the specific circumstances of your situation.

And More

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